Android Forex Platforms

If you are unable to use a single computer for your trading business, you should look into different trading platforms that are available for you on other mobile devices. Luckily, there are so many applications you can choose from. Mobile trading is becoming more and more popular since it is very convenient for a large number of traders who are constantly traveling and moving from a place to a place. It makes keeping track of their account so much easier. Our text will help you out with choosing the right Android mobile Forex platform for you, so continue reading and find out our top suggestions.

Forex Android platforms


Mobile trading is excellent for many of traders. Even if you are not traveling every single day, it can still be beneficial for you to keep track of your account at any given time of a day. Android trading platforms are available for download straight from Play store. Some of them are free, while a number of them might require a small fee. Don’t expect to get all of the professional trading tools which might be available on downloadable desktop software right there on your smartphone. But we can guarantee that you will have all you need in order to trade comfortably from a mobile device. So what are those essential trading tools you need for the best trading experience?

The news feed in Android FX Platforms

Knowing exactly what is happening in the trading world is a necessity. As long as you have an internet connection, you should be able to get all the latest news straight to your mobile device. The majority of Android Forex trading platforms have this feature and receiving and reading the articles that could be of interest to you should be quick and easy.

Android Forex Platforms Charts

Trading without charts is nearly impossible, especially if you are relying heavily on technical analysis. You simply need to have a good view of the charts right there on your phone. They should be readable and customizable, meaning that you are free to add whatever indicators, bars, or lines you want. This feature will make trading and analyzing a whole lot easier so it is an absolute must.

Android FX Trading Apps Account Conetivity

If you are a trader, the chances are you will be working from several devices, including both your computer and mobile phone. Linking and switching between the accounts should be easy and without any complications. This is a standard addition to many Android Forex trading apps, especially those who were developed by a broker.

Available Android Platforms for Trading

There are a few trading apps that you can use for mobile trading on your Android device. Read our reviews from the list below and pick the best platform for you!

Conclusion on Android Forex Platforms

If you use a smartphone on a daily basis and you are serious about your trading, the most logical thing you could do is to install one of these trading platforms on your device. Forex platforms for Android will allow you a complete control over your trading account and you will be able to enter or exit a trade whenever you please. There is no need for you to be stuck on your desktop computer at all times.