Automated Forex Trading Software

If you like to trade with precision and you have already have a set of trading rules to follow each and every time you trade in the market, you should look into automated currency trading software. They allow you to enter the precise data and rules that will enter or exit a trade for you when the market conditions meet your criteria. The computer will monitor the market and you will have a lot more time to spend on other Forex related tasks.

What is automated Forex software?

automated trading software

Automated trading software uses algorithms in order to provide you with a reliable system of trading. Once you program it, it will execute the orders for you. You are free to use them for both complicated and more detailed trading methods, as well as for more simple orders. Of course, in order to make them work properly, you need to get familiar with the code each automated Forex software uses. Here are some of our top picks for you.

MQL5 for MetaTrader

If you are like the majority of traders, the chances are you are already using MetaTrader trading platform. You can use MQL5 trading signals straight from MetaTrader and receive data to your computer. Or you can set it up in order to make automatic trades for you. Subscribing is easy and you can do it straight from your trading terminal. After you complete the setup, you will receive real time signals directly to your trading platform. And it will make automated traders for you as well.

At the Best Forex Platforms you can find:


If you are looking for a fast and efficient Forex auto trading, ZuluTrade is for you. You will be able to choose from a large number of currency pairs to trade and setting up the automated trading system will be super easy. So don’t feel intimidated if you are a beginner. You will find your way around this software pretty quickly. Not to forget that they will deliver you quality trading signals and useful data too.

Mirror Trader

Often promoted as the best Forex automated trading software, Mirror Trader allows you to see and automatically copy trades which were already made by some of the top leading market experts out there. And yes, you can set up this software to automatically respond to each and every move them make, and copy it to your own account. That can completely elevate your trading game in the long run.


Surely, Forex trading automated software does sound very appealing, but if you want to truly use it to your advantage, you have to tackle the basics of trading first. Once you know how it works and how to use the programing language, you should include them into your trading method. Of course, you have to make sure if the trading software is free or if it requires a certain fee before you download it. Automated software is here to make trading a whole lot easier and these programs will take a large burden off your shoulders.