cTrader Android


If you use cTrader in your Forex trading, know that the developers came up with the mobile version of this app, cTrader platform for Android, to be able to connect and stay hand-on your transactions at all times. But let’s see what this app has to offer and how does it work in real time trading.

cTrader for Android Features

First of all, we will look at the tools and features provided by this app, and then we will assess the technology. So, cTrader will let you trade and follow Forex, stocks, several commodities or stocks. The latest updates of the tool lets you display the charts in full screen, feature that would help with your analysis.

And speaking about analysis, the developers included over 60 indicators that you can customize as per your needs. Moreover, you may choose from six types of charts:

  • bars,
  • lines,
  • Heikin Ashi,
  • candlesticks,
  • dots.

cTrader Android terminal also features 14 time frames and five zoom levels and, lots and units for trading. The developers offer a quicktrade button available on each chart. You can also manage your positions, reverse, double etc.

It displays all symbols with detailed information, and allows you to easily add or eliminate symbols within your watch list. This is the summary of the app capabilities in terms of trading.


Android version of the cTrader Accessibility

Now, in terms of accessibility, once you download the app, you will get full access to your account or accounts, will be able to view your trading history, but also open position and pending orders. The application also offers you access to news feeds. And another feature of interest is the possibility to connect with other traders, ask for their expertize and use the Chart Shots feature to send them pictures of your trading.

There are quite a few strong points:

  • stability
  • speed
  • C# programming language

cTrader Android mobile trading uses STP networks, thus trying to offer a stable trading environment and a quick execution. If you need to determine if this app is the right solution for you, the developers also offer a demo account, where you can trade without putting up your money.

However, this will not include all the features of the live account, and you will be able to determine mainly how well it works in terms of technology, connectivity and speed, and not necessarily in terms of trading tools.

Some significant strong point is that you would be able to make trading robots, your trading assistants, using the C# programming, which is more accessible and easier for a less experienced programmer.

Now, while this is a rather young platform, the users on google play have some complaints, and the overall rating is of 3.9 stars, out of 5. cTrader Android platform review mainly complain about the connectivity, and about the tendency to crash.

However, the developers seem to keep a close eye on this, as they tried to fix some of its features and update it so that it can include more capabilities and become more stable.


Overall, cTrader terminal for Android is a platform that tries to offer the same features as the web based application developed by the owner of this platform. While it has some updating to do, the app offers a variety of tools for the use of the traders. All you need to make sure is that your terminal supports it.

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