cTrader Desktop


cTrader is a Forex and CFDs trading solution that positioned itself as the tool of choice for banker, brokers and traders, with swift order placement, and direct market access. It position itself as the alternative for MT trading, using another language than MetaTrader, namely C# language.

The platform has a desktop version, a web based one and a mobile one. This is the goal and claim of the developers. The platform offers access to several markets, including currencies, commodities, indices or CFDs. Let’s see how the desktop terminal cTrader works, and if it provides traders with all the capabilities it claims to provide. First of all, you need Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8 or 10.

High speed trading

The developers tried to increase the speed and help traders place orders swiftly by using STP (straight through processing). Thus you will be able to execute several orders at once, and the execution would be quicker. The platform uses VWAP (volume weighted average price) to show prices.


Orders from charts via cTrader Desktop Platform

Moreover, you may access the charts and make technical analysis via a user-friendly interface that let’s you control all-important features with ease. cTrader for computer allows for entering the orders directly from the charts, so traders will be able to put stop or limit orders, market etc.

And since we talked about charts, the developers offer 14 timeframes, six zoom levels, several models, and templates. Traders have access to a wide variety of indicators, but they don’t need to limit to the predefined ones. If you are a little bit good at programming and you can work with C#, you will be able to build your own indicators.

cTrader terminal for desktop features a wide variety of tools for technical analysis, and you may access them directly from the charts – trends, oscillators etc. Moreover, you are not limited to one single account. You may open more and switch between them quite easily. And you can access all of them with a single enter-point. It also features QuickTrade that lets you trade directly from the charts.

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Robot trading

cTrader for Windows also supports robot trading. So, if you don’t want to keep a constant eye on your trading, and feel that you can implement a trading strategy good enough to let it trade automatically, then you have the option to create your own robot using C#.

cTrader Desktop Main features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Trade from charts
  • Automated trading
  • Cloud based

In short, what we found during this cTrader for desktop review is that the platform is user-friendly, the technology behind it allows for quick order placing, it offers support for stop loss, allows you to trade directly from the charts, to customize your charts, color them as per your liking, and lets you copy trade.

Moreover, if you are used to rely on automated trading, you can build your own robot and program it depending on what you need from your trading assistant. If you register with cTrader, you will connect to the cloud.

This means that you will be able to have all your trading, charts, symbols in the cloud and access them from anywhere you are, but also to get notifications for various events such as pending orders, prices etc. Overall, this application can be a good alternative for others available on the market and brokers and traders alike seem to discover its capabilities.