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Having an ability to trade without restrictions using any given device you have is extremely important to many traders. When a trading software has various platform versions, the chances are it will lose some of the features it originaly had. However, iOS cTrader software managed to preserve plenty of functions available on the desktop version and it is one of the best trading apps available on the app store at this moment. Our cTrader for iOS review will give you all the details you need if you are thinking about using this app in the future.

The basics of cTrader for iOS

ctrader ios

When Spotware Systems announced they are launching an iOS version of their cTrader trading platform, the trading world welcomed it with great expectations. They really made sure that the application will be usable on all iOS devices and it is compatible with all Apple devices, including every version of iPhone and iPad, as well as with the iPod touch.

The features

cTrader app for iOS allows you to connect to your account through an application and use your already existing profile on your Apple device as well. And you can switch accounts as you please right from the application. Just like with the software version of this trading platform, they put an emphasis on execution time and you are able to place your order quickly and efficiently.

cTrader for iOS interface review

ctrader ios

Besides professional trading tools, fast execution, and easy to use design, cTrader offers another very useful detail. You are able to change the theme of the application. You have two options – light and dark. But nevertheless, it shows that Spotware is thinking of their users and that they are constantly working on improving the trading experience as a whole.

cTrader iOS Tools

If you want to have really good charts right there in your pocket, cTrader for iOS got you covered. They tried to make the interface as similar to the software version as possible and if you have been using it on your computer, you will immediately notice that the charts look close to identical in both versions.

There is also a single-tap option for all of your orders that is very user friendly. Your trading history is also available and you will be able to see all the details you need. It is also important to point out that if you are using cTrader for iPad, you will be able to use a split screen option. That will allow you to view the charts and the trades that are in progress right there on the single large screen.


cTrader platform for iOS is available in the app store and it is free of charge. When we weight everything out, cTrader for iPhone is a very powerful application that will make trading from your mobile device a whole lot easier. The developers made sure that the iOS version corresponds well with the desktop trading software and it is clear they had created this application with the existing users in mind. But even if you haven’t used cTrader before, you will enjoy conducting your business via this application.

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