cTrader Web Review

When it comes to the most commonly used trading platforms today, webtrader cTrader is in the very top. Plenty of traders opt for their services and this review will explain you why. The number of brokers who offer cTrader in their welcome package is growing as we speak and it is one of the newest and most useful trading platforms you can find in the market.

The basics of cTrader


Developed by Spotware, the aim of cTrader web is to provide its users with plenty of useful tools and features that can be used for successful trading. The number of users is growing fast and that does not surprise anyone. It was created to cater the needs of both brokers and traders. An emphasis has been put on automated trading. It is a very useful tool and many traders go for cTrader because setting up automatic trading with this trading platform is very quick and easy.

cTrader Web Platform Design

Web cTrader has a very intuitive and clean design. It might be even easier to navigate through it than through MetaTrader 4 or 5. If you have used any type of a trading platform in the past, you will have no trouble mastering all the features available within this platform in no time. It doesn’t matter which trading method or style you prefer to use – cTrader will provide you with detailed charts and indicators you will most definitely find very useful in the future.

Features of the cTrader Web


We have already touched upon various tools that are included in cTrader. Since it wanted to become a serious contender and challenge the dominance of MetaTrader trading platforms, they simply had to create something that will attract traders to their product. Here is the tool we have found very interesting as we have researched for our cTrader web platform review:

The depth of the market

The first thing that pops into your head when you see this feature is how extremely useful it can be regardless of the trading strategy of your choice. cTrader truly went deep and they offer you with the most complete and comprehensive data on the depth of the market you can find out there. They will give you three levels of the market depth – the first level will provide you with the liquidity statistics and data, the information on the second level can be very useful if you are using a scalping strategy, and finally the third level allows you to see the trading volume. When you see it explained like this, it might not seem so spectacular. But once you log in and start using it, you will see how helpful it can be.

cTrader for Web Conclusion

If you are looking for an alternative for MetaTrader trading platforms, this would be it. cTrader offers really useful tools that will be useful with any trading method. The charts and indicators are clear and easy to understand. Plus, the depth of the market feature is something new and never seen before. We will leave this cTrader web review with a note that cTrader is also available on the mobile devices as well, so you can trade on this platform whenever you like.

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