Social trading networks are becoming more and more sought-after lately. EToro Open Book is one of those trading platforms that allow you to connect with other traders, copy their trades and moves, get inspired, or simply use it to your advantage in any given way. This type of trading platform is very useful and I am sure you will enjoy all the aspects of social trading. Our eToro broker OpenBook review will cover all the bases and introduce you to all the details you need to know before you start.

eToro basics review

This version of eToro trading platform was introduced in the autumn of 2015. OpenBook came to life by merging eToro’s trading platform with their trading social network which popularity was beginning to decrease. And eToro OpenBook was created.

eToro OpenBook Review

EToro OpenBook gained recognition in a very short amount of time, winning multiple awards as the best social trading network out there.We need to point out in our review of the eToro OpenBook that it attracts their users by the elegant interface, their ever evolving services, and the largest user base. You will be able to track other traders in real time, allowing you to communicate with them, become their followers, and finally educate yourself through someone else’s trading strategies and methods.Tools and featuresSince their focus is on social trading, eToro OpenBook does not offer some revolutionary trading tools to their users. However, they have perfected the social trading aspect and you can easily find traders and conduct your business quickly and efficiently.

Discovering traders

With just one click you will be able to open up a list of traders. They are divided by categories such as most copied traders, top traders, or trending. You simply have to choose the trader you wish to follow and you will be taken to their profile. Once you are there, you can choose to copy their trades, or become their follower. Their posts and updates will appear on your news feed.

While researching for our eToro OpenBook trading platform review, we have discovered that in order to get featured on the trader list, you need to provide your real name and a photo. This means that the traders you see on eToro are legit and real.

eToro My Feed Review

eToro My Feed Review

Just like every social network in existence, eToro offers a newsfeed to their users. It is an easy way to keep track of all the people or markets you are interested in. The data will appear quickly and you will be able to like or comment on the post. Yes, it does sounds a bit like Facebook. That fact is not lowering our eToro OpenBook social trading review grade. It can actually be pretty useful since most of us are familiar with the interfaces of various social networks.

eToro Review

eToro Mobile platfroms

In addition to standard eToro platform, there are also mobile applications available. Read:

In order to find out if they are good enough for you!

eToro review Conclusion

We had a pleasurable experience while testing out this application for our OpenBook Forex trading platform review. It deserves all the praises it has been getting from the trading community. When it comes to eToro OpenBook features review, it is important to know that you will get plenty of data in real time which will allow you to copy the trades quickly. Also, you have the option to switch between a live and demo accounts as you please, allowing you to practice your trading skills. All in all, OpenBook is a great social network and you should definitely become a part of it.