iOS Forex Platforms

Living in the age of technological progress has made it possible for us to participate in trading on the financial market regardless of our location or the device we use. Trading platforms are available on both computers and mobile devices. It doesn’t matter if you use android or iOS phone, there are plenty of applications and trading platforms for you to choose from. So let’s dive in and see some of the features of the best iOS Forex platforms available in the app store.

Forex platforms for iOS

iOS Forex Platforms

If you are using some of the Apple’s products, such as iPhone or iPad, you will be able to search and download trading platforms straight from the app store. There are plenty of applications that focus on Forex trading and some of them are not trading platforms. Instead, they might solely focus on delivering you the latest news and charts, but they can’t be used for trading. Make sure you pay attention to that as well. Here are some of the tools and features you should look for when it comes to choosing one of the iPhone Forex platforms.

The charts on iOS trading platforms

It doesn’t matter if you use fundamental or technical analysis – having top quality charts that are easily readable should be a priority. The charts on an iOS app should be customizable as well, with plenty of indicators and signals to choose from. Also, zooming in and out is simply a must if you plan on using an app on your phone. Surely, iPad users are in a better position since they do have more working surface and some apps do allow different views on that device.

The news

This is a great feature since it allows you to constantly be in the loop and follow the latest developments and happenings in the world of currency trading. Trading applications are designed to make things easier and having a constant flow of information right there in the palm of your hand will provide you with an advantage. So make sure the app you are using has this option as well.

iOS Platforms Live quotes

Besides the real time news, you simply need to have live quotes within the application you are using. The list of currency pairs that is always up to date is a necessity and in most cases, you will be able to place an order right there from that screen as well. One touch orders are becoming more and more common within Forex platforms for iOS and that makes trading faster and more efficient.

Available FX trading platforms for iPhone and iPad

When it comes to mobile trading on iOS devices, there are a few choices available. You can read our:

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Summary on iOS Forex trading platforms

iOS Forex platforms are perfect for learning how to trade, as well as keeping a close eye on your account and trading while you are on the move. Some of us are simply unable to trade on a single desktop computer and using one of Forex platforms for iPhone might solve all of your problems. Of course, there are plenty of great iOS applications in the app store and you are free to explore even further.