MetaTrader 4 Web


MetaTrader4 is a platform for Forex, CFDs and futures trading, developed by MetaQuotes Software. It includes a variety of tools to help traders prepare analysis, use automated trading solutions or manage his or her trading. Since traders need to be mobile, and access their accounts from any location, MT4 developed a web based solution, so that you can access the platform without having to install it.

If you are on the lookout for a platform that offers all technical solutions for trading – desktop, mobile, web-based – MT4 may be a solution for you. First of all, the tools it developed and the constant improvement to keep it up to date with technology made it rather popular among brokers. Most of them use it and even offer various bonuses for using it.

If you prefer trading directly from your browser or you don’t have access to your computer and need/want to trade using just an internet connection, then MetaTrader 4 web platform offers this opportunity. This is most useful when you use a third party computer/tablet etc that doesn’t have the MT4 installed and, therefore, you have the option to access MT4 online.

MetaTrader 4 Web Compatibility

But let’s see how it works and if you can use the same tools as you would within the app. Well, the platform offers the same tools as the desktop platform, and it is compatible with the entire MT4 system. In our MT4 web platform review we found that all data is encrypted, so the application is safe.

It is also compatible with any operating system, so the computer may work with Windows, Mac, Linux, you will have no problem accessing it. What can you find in the web version of the platform? Basically, anything you need.



It includes your trading history, with market orders, pending orders, stop loss, take profit. Moreover, the MetaTrader 4 online platform offers the 30 indicators for technical analysis – trend indicators and oscillators, helping you to assess the price fluctuations, turning moments etc. You may also use the graphical objects to include them manually into charts and prepare your analysis. The platform supports all types of trading and offers real-time quotes, providing nine timeframes.

Therefore, MetaTrader 4 web trading is rather similar to your desktop application, giving you the possibility to trade even if you are not in front of your computer or you don’t have a mobile device with the application installed.

MetaTrader 4 Web Platform Conclusions

  • Full integration with MT4 platform
  • Easy access to charts and orders
  • Real0time quotes

To conclude, MT4 gives you a complete solution adapted to your program, allowing you access to your account at any point in time, even when you don’t have a device with the application installed on it. Given the increased popularity both among traders, and among brokers, MT4 manages to keep up to date with the technological and operational solutions needed in this process.

Moreover, the web-based platform is fully integrated with the MT4 system, and thus it provides the same tools as the desktop solution, allowing you to have easy access to your charts, analysis, orders and overall data available in your account.

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