MetaTrader 5 Android


For traders who want to remain in touch with their trading even when they are out of office, MetaTrader 5 developed mobile version of their application, to be used anywhere directly from the smartphone or tablet. And since Android is ever more popular with users from all fields, we decided to make a MetaTrader 5 for Android review, to determine how good it works and if it has the major tools necessary in the trading business.


Of course, you can download the app from google play and connect to your account just by putting in your credentials. If you don’t have an account, but still want to see how good the app works, or if it is the right tool for you, or just want to make a MT5 app for Android review, you may open a trial account, in demo version, to get access to main tools and features of the app.

MetaTrader 5 for Android Tools Review

First of all, the app features all major tools: you can trade Forex, CFDs, futures or stocks, have two positions – hedging and netting, you can put orders, have three chart types – bars, candlesticks and broken line. If you do have an account, you have access to your trading history and can place all types of orders and use all types of execution.



The app offers the possibility to customize your charts color scheme, and you have access to pending orders, SL and TP on the chart. Moreover, the developers provide financial news and included a chat room within the app, so that you can communicate with other users and share experience.


The MetaTrader 5 Android terminal review also shows that the app allows users access to several tools that help traders make analysis on currency prices, such as interactive charts, with zoom or scroll options. If you want to make technical analysis, then you have access to 30 indicators, such as oscillators, volumes, trends, but also to 24 graphical objects including geometric shapes or lines, but also Fibonacci, Gann and Elliott tools.

Account management

The MetaTrader 5 Android app review would not be complete without a focus on the tablet version of the app. Thus, besides the functionalities described above, it includes the “toolbox”, that summarizes the current orders, trading history, positions, as well as a journal.

The interface includes the account management, market watch, email, news and messages, while the toolbox displays the positions and orders, history, news and journal. In google play, the MT5 terminal for Android review gives a total of 4.3 points out of five possible, from the users who actually downloaded and put it to work this application.

MT5 Android App Conclusion

Overall, the Android version of MT5 gives access to your trades, helps you make technical analysis, place orders, edit them and also offers the financial news, so that you don’t miss the important events within the market even if you are not in the office. Moreover, it lets you keep in touch with the trading community via the chat room included in the app.

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