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The CFDs services provider Plus500 offers a mobile solution for its trading tool that helps traders who are on the move to stay in touch with their account and take decisions regarding their positions even when they are not in the office. For now, we will make a Plus500 Android app review, to assess the functionality of the app and see if this is a good solution for the traders who want to go mobile.

Plus500 for Android Review: Tools

This is a tool compatible with any device with Android system be it smartphone or tablet. Once you downloaded it from google play, you have two options: log in to your account, should you have one, or use a demo account to determine if this app is what you need in terms of tools and trading capabilities. The app is free of charge, as well as the demo account, while the real account has the same fees and taxes as the desktop version of the application.

Plus500 broker Android app allows you to trade without limit in the demo account, and then, switch to the real account. Developers say you can buy or sell CFDs, get real-time data for Forex pairs, commodities, and indexes from major markets or stocks. Within the app, you can open or close positions, set limits, view balance or charts.



The Plus500 Android mobile app review in the google play got the app a 4.2 out of five stars, with a total of over 50,000 users. Another thing in this respect is that if you find a feature that doesn’t work or is slow, you can go to the support team and see how they can help you deal with it.

Some traders feel this is a rather simple app, without much features to help you make an exhaustive analysis in your trading. And another thing: besides your terminal, you need to have a strong internet connection, or you may experience glitches, slowdowns or get alerts with delay.

Moreover, being a mobile app, Plus500 trader for Android provides a handful of indicators, which can limit your trading. However, bare in mind that this is a mobile app, and it doesn’t include all the features from the desktop app. And, of course, the demo account can help you make up your mind if the app is enough for your trading or not.

What it does, however, is keep you updated with your trades. Again, it all comes down to the internet connection, as the app doesn’t work offline. And once the connection lost, Plus500 app for Android doesn’t let you place orders.

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Plus500 Android App Review Conclusion

To sum up, the app gets you access to your account, allows you to trade with several tools, but it does not replace the desktop solution and it may have some glitches. Do try the demo version and determine if it works good enough for your needs.