Plus500 Desktop


Plus500 is a CFDs broker, listed on AIM at LSE, and offering traders the option to trade about 2,000 CFDs, including Forex, commodities, stocks and even bitcoins. The developers offer the platform in all forms: desktop – initially developed for PCs, but latter on extended to Apple devices, mobile and web.

Now, let’s take a look at the Plus500 platform for desktop and see what it has to offer traders. First of all, you can either open a demo account, to determine if this is a good broker for you, or a live one, with a minimum deposit of USD 100. The Forex leverage is 1:100 maximum. Now, let’s look at the technical aspects of the trading solution the developers offer.

Proprietary platform from Plus500

The Plus500 desktop trading is a proprietary platform developed by the broker. It allows traders to enter several markets at the same time; you have access to the trading history, as well as current positions they opened. However, the charts are displayed one at a time, and not several simultaneously on the screen.


Plus500 Desktop Trader Tools

Given that it was primarily designed for PC use, this tool has the longest trading history, and offers a wide variety of features, such as graphs, currency pairs, or loss/profit limits. The developers prize themselves with figures such as 1:200 leverage on the Forex market, using most of the currency pairs available.

The desktop software will offer you access to more trading tools than other solutions, such as mobile or web, helps you have a better control over your orders and limit losses, being able to access several features, such as close at profit/loss, trailing stop or order to buy only when the currency reaches a certain level.

You will find all the necessary trading tools in one single screen, so that it would be easier to access the information you need at a click away. So you can access trading history, current positions and get real-time quotes. Moreover, the developers included a risk management tool in their platform, so it will give you price alerts, trailing stop, close at profit etc.

In order to pick up the desktop trading platform that fits all of your trading needs read:


It is worth mentioning in this Plus500 desktop terminal review that the broker offers 24/7 customer support, and this is done via email or chat. They do not have the option to contact them over the phone, which can be a little bit tricky especially if you need to contact them in case your internet connection was lost in the middle of trading.


  • Proprietary platform
  • Multiple tools
  • PC based software

What you need to keep in mind is that, being a CFD trading, there is no tool to prevent total loss, and the experience in trading is far more important than any software available. Therefore, don’t rely exclusively on Plus500 for Windows review. If you need more data on how this platform works or if it is the best option for you, do use the demo account and have a clearer picture on the matter.