Sirix Android


For those of you who favor social trading, Leverate came up with Sirix, a Forex social trading platform that connects you to the trading community. While the platform does not need to be downloaded on your computer, being web-based, the developers offer a mobile and tablet version for it that does need to be downloaded in your smartphone or tablet.

The Sirix trader Android is the dedicated version for any mobile device using Android and once downloaded, gives you access to your account (yes, you do need an account with a broker using Sirix), lets you track p/l, open or closed positions and margins. It also gives you access to market data and offers tools for making charts in order to help you make analysis and create orders.

Sirix Android application is available directly from the developers, or from specific broker that use this tool. While this is a rather new platform, developed in 2014, quite a few brokers use it, and this makes social trading easier. Moreover, the experience of trading depends very much on the broker you choose.

If we were to look at Sirix app for Android review in google play, we will see quite a wide range of opinions, from very good trading experience, to slow and not very useful tool. And the stars also depend on the broker chosen, as they vary from four to one or two.

Again, this also depends on the internet connection, as being an online application, once the internet connection is lost or slow, the application would not run properly, of course, without being a glitch in the technology.


Copy trading

The developers are inclined to solve any potential setbacks in running this application, with the latest version being released just a few days back. Sirix Android trading is most useful, just like all Sirix products, for copy trading, as the app helps you stay in touch with other more experienced traders and copy their trading, check their strategies, see how many traders copy a specific more experienced trader and decide to use one of them or another depending on their results.

Experienced traders

Sirix for Android review show that while this is a young platform, it can be of use for those traders who rely on the experience of others, and look at social trading like at a solution to increase their earnings or improve their trading strategy. Since this is an internet based application, when starting trading, you need to be certain you have a strong connection to the internet, as once lost, it may make the difference between profit or loss.

Much like in any other social endeavor, it is up to the user to choose who to follow and which strategy to include in his trading. So far, the community is growing, and the application tries to keep up to date with the new developments.

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