Sirix Social


Sirix is a platform developed by Leverate for Forex trading. The solution is rather new in the Forex world, being released in 2014 and focuses on social trading as a strong point of its entire trading solutions. Sirix social FX trading does exactly what the name suggests: it gives traders access to the trades of other (maybe more experienced) traders.

Sirix Social stream

The platform has a social stream that features live trading from other users, data on their overall activity, including how many people decided to copy their trades. From the social stream you can easily copy orders and let the platform trade for you. Sirix social trading feature let’s you choose your favorites, under the name traders I watch and then copy their future trades.

SIrix Social Platform Tools

Now, don’t think you will need to have the same amount of money in your account as the trader you want to copy. The platform gives you the option to copy proportionally, or to copy the amount you choose. Just like any other FX platform, this one requires you to have an account. You choose a specific broker that uses Sirix, and trade with them.

The novelty of this platform is that you don’t just have access to trades from other participants that use the same broker, but to all trades using Sirix, regardless of the broker they use. Therefore, Sirix social trader has access to a wider variety of orders, trading typology and increases the chances to find the most appropriate solution for you and work with it.


Sirix Windows and OS compatibility

Quite an interesting feature of this app is that you may access all these features without having to download anything on your computer, as it is web-based. All you need to know is that it is compatible with Windows and with Mac OS and it is developed in html5. Sirix has built-in indicators and charts displayed in several timeframes. Sirix Social Forex trading is not, however, an open community, where anybody can access your trading. Only Sirix customers can have access to that kind of data.

Shared wallet

In terms of technical capabilities, the interface is user-friendly and allows traders to start their activity without much fuss and open positions with one click. Moreover, it has shared wallet between all the platforms – tablet, mobile or web, and offers about 30 indicators.

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Sirix Social Trader Conclusion

Sirix social trading platform review shows that this is a new and worth trying solution for copy trade. Since this is a easy to use platform, that shares the experience of traders working with various brokers, the likelihood of finding one who has the experience and trading style you feel appropriate for you is quite high.

However, since not all brokers offer the exact same tools, this large community has its pros and cons. The main thing, though, remains that it manages to gather more hours of trading than a platform that is limited to one broker alone and helps traders share data and communicate better in a single point of access.

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