Best Forex Webtrading Platforms

Using a trading platform is a necessity nowadays. It is simply impossible to trade comfortably without that piece of software. It serves as a link between you as a trader, and your broker who is the provider of the services. With so many trading platforms to choose from, your choice will be difficult. We will explore the Forex web trading platforms in this article and hopefully make your decision a lot easier.

What are Forex web platforms?

desktop trading platform

When it comes to trading platforms for your computer, they can be divided into two categories: downloadable and web-based trading platforms. As the name suggests, the first are made to be installed on a single device, while web-based platforms can be accessed through any internet browser of your choice. You will be able to access your account from multiple devices and have an absolute control over your trading. You will not miss a thing.

Web-based platforms are convenient for people who travel a lot or for those who are constantly on the move. There is no need to be tied to a single desktop computer, especially if you are using one of the more dynamic trading strategies, such as scalping that requires your full attention constantly. But, there are some downsides to web-based platforms as well.

The tools


When we compare web-based and downloadable trading platforms, it is clear that downloadable trading platforms offer more advanced tools and charts to their users. Yes, best web trading platforms surely do have a variety of charts and trading aids, but they are simply not as good as the tools on a downloadable trading software.

If you are not a professional trader who has to have all the best and detailed charts at their disposal, using a Forex web trader platform should be enough to conduct your trading successfully and at any given time.

What should you look for?

When you register with a broker, you will have an option to download a trading platform of your choice from their list. A number of them will put a web-based trading platform in there as well. Some of the basic tools you will require from a web based Forex trading platform are real time data updates, as well as the past performance. These are the essentials.

Also make sure that the web based trading platform is free of charge and that you will not be surprised with some additional fees. Of course, almost all brokers will give you the option to try it out through a demo account and you will be able to test a Forex web trader platform on your own before you fully commit to it.

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Both locally based and web based trading platforms will be of use to you. Besides, it all comes down to your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you are a trader who does not ask for the top of the line analytics tools and you simply want to trade at any given time from any device, we would recommend you a web based trading software, or their mobile versions. They will provide you with easy access and you will be able to trade whenever and wherever you please.